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Lorfall is a Towny War server based on player autonomy and choice!

We are dedicated to ensuring a diverse and adaptable environment to fit most playing styles; including those that are not PvP oriented. With a player based economy limited on how much new money is injected into the system, we are able to ensure an active market that offers an equal opportunity for all. This is essential to guarantee the longevity and integrity of the server's economy. With Towny War enabled, players can establish a nation and wage war on their competitors for either gain of wealth or influence. This key feature offers balance to the gameplay, as well as a dynamic environment where the server's elite can rise and fall in a single day. Finally, we allow for neutrality for those with the funds to afford it. This will allow those who wish to trade an opportunity to avoid the volatility of warfare, and to focus on growth. Whether you are a warlord in search of battles to win and enemies to destroy, a merchant looking for an economy to compete in and money to horde, or an imperialist looking to conquer both war and commerce, we urge you to see what Lorfall has to offer.

Trade, destroy, or conquer; how will you play?

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