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FireCrafting is a server built for a truly vanilla experience. It uses BungeeCord and Spigot 1.12.2 versions to help ensure the server runs smoothly, create a more enjoyable singleplayer-vanilla-feel to a multiplayer world, and to allow for easier expansion in the future.
There are minimal plugins on this server, and only one world to build in. The spawn has not yet been created, and is up to the players to create for their enjoyment! Plugins such as GriefPrevention and CoreProtect allow for griefing to be virtually non-existent, and disallow hackers to gain access to destroying the vanilla world. There is also a Home/Spawn teleport system, with one spawn and one allowable home to set. This will help multiplayer interactions, but does not overbear the world with anti-vanilla traits.

Rules of this server:
- No cheating. Whatsoever. This takes away from the vanilla aspects of Minecraft.
- Minimal language. We encourage young players, as well as older, to play this server. Too much language is toxic to the server's chat and will not be tolerated.
- No griefing. On one hand, claim your things so that they cannot be stolen. Staff are not responsible for items that are unclaimed. However, griefing is still not permitted. Staff will punish griefers but will not "fix" griefed land that is unclaimed.

That's pretty much it! Any other behaviors that the staff sees fitting can be punishable, but as far as specifics go, follow this list and you're safe!

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