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Welcome to a hardcore PvP server with tons of plugins that should be able to make you feel the best gaming experience of all servers. We have great plugins for PvP, of which some are even coded by our head developer xNaXDy, so our server has a special individual touch. Below you'll find a list of all features and how to access them.

1. Hardcore PvP

The server allows everything. Grief, destroy, steal, do whatever you want. You can fight everywhere! We offer the following features for your PvP experience:

- Anti-Relog: If you log out while being in a fight, you will drop all items in your inventory and get a tempban for 5 minutes. See the time left in combat by typint /ar t
- Mushroom Soups: Eating a mushroom soup refills 6 hearts
- Tracking: Track a player to find their base

2. Huge Enchanters and XP Fountain

Our server features a special plugin called "Huge Enchanters" that allows you to obtain regular enchantments more easily, but also allows you to obtain impossible enchantments (such as Sharpness X).

Take a look at these huge enchanters in this tutorial video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw-qlj5u4S8

3. Tracking

Our server features a special plugin that allows you to track players and find out their position up to 25 blocks accurate.

Take a look at the tracking plugin in this tutorial video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD2d2FVw2os

4. World Border

We have a border set that prevents players from running away too far and never interacting with each other again. You can't escape the fight.

5. Warping

Every player has 10 warps plus a home warp, so you don't have to walk everywhere. To find out more about the warp commands, do /help ingame.

6. Global Economy

We have a global market system set up that allows you to trade with players without having to meet them. You simply enter the item you want to sell and wait for someone to buy it. To find out more about the economy commands, do /help ingame.

7. Anti-Cheat

We allow almost every kind of mods on our server. Minimap, ControlPack, InvTweaks, all good, but NO HACKED CLIENTS!

Xray, Forcefield, Jesus, etc. = BAN! We have plugins to effectively disable and detect such hacks and ban you in no time. So don't even try.
Additional Notes
Regular and custom features such as warping, player to player economy, player tracking, huge enchanters and a lot more to ensure you the best as possible gaming experience.

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