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Tags: Anarchy Hardcore PvE PvP Spigot Survival Vanilla

Nothing better than vanilla Minecraft, right? No mods that add weird systems to learn, boosted players to deal with, or unfair advantages. What about no starter kits or gear? Left to your own wits, in a place where your hard work pays off. The best part of it all: Almost no rules.

Here at 8Bit8Pix we strive to create an environment that allows you the freedom to do virtually whatever you desire along with providing protection against hackers.

The server is professionally hosted and paid for, with admins around frequently to make sure that the hackers stay out and you can get that experience you crave. All you need is here at 8bit8pix. PvP, PvE, Vanilla with few plugins (tpa, clans, anticheat).

This server can be considered a "Semi-Anarchy" server in a way since the server allows you to do anything as long as hacking isn't involved.

An Amplified world has been added to the server. You now have the choice to choose between a regular world and an amplified world. Both worlds share inventories so you can easily switch between them while still retaining your progress.

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