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Tags: Faction Roleplay Towny

Crusalisv is a historically-themed Roleplaying Towny Factions server for Minecraft 1.20.1+. It is season-based, with its current season based on the Diadochi era and the Rise of Rome. One of the server's main attractions is its large-scale wars and possibly the largest of any Minecraft server, with over 600 players online every weekend war period! Other features include a large map that updates live as territories are conquered, a nodes/provinces system for chunk claiming similar to the Europa Universalis game series, custom weapons, armor, combat systems, and instruments of war depending on the historical era (cannons, tanks, planes, battering rams, siege towers, etc.), plus territory and build tiers/levels. Crusalisv also has an online store where players can buy ranks, crates, cosmetics, buffs, and more. Join now to get the full Crusalisv experience!


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  • 110/650 Players
  • 1.21 Version
  • 95.7% Uptime
  • 2 hours Last Ping
  • 1,266 Votes

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