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Tags: Cracked Lifesteal Roleplay Survival

DreamLife Network is a new season-based Minecraft SMP server with features like Lifesteal and roleplay. It works for Minecraft versions 1.8.x and up and is also set up in offline mode (aka cracked). Before joining, please review the rules listed below. If you think you can follow them, then go on and join DreamLife Network for a whole lotta fun and more!

(1) No self-promotion or advertisements
(2) No cheating, hacking, trolling, or griefing.
(3) Treat others with respect.
(4) Keep chat family-friendly.
(5) Spamming is not allowed.
(7) No stealing anything from any other player.
(8) No griefing without prior permission, and don't go around killing players, especially if you don't know them.
(9) Don't destroy other players' builds or items without prior permission.
(10) Pay for items in the shopping district at the price listed by the owner.
(11) No squatting.

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