The Second Region

Tags: Economy PvE PvP

Second Region is a new Bedrock and Java Minecraft server for players 16 and older. It launched on December 1st, 2023, and features plugins such as Geyser + FloodGate, Quickshop, Grief Protection, Diamond Bank Economy, and more (see below). Read the rules below, then connect and come claim your land to get started! Be sure to join the Second Region Discord, too! Xbox and PlayStation users can also play using the Bedrock app. To join the Second Region server from Bedrock Edition, use the IP "" with port "19132".

🛑 Rules:
1. No cheating (Xray etc)
2. No griefing.
3. No bullying.
4. No abusing staff.
5. No under 16s.

• Geyser + FloodGate
• Quickshop
• Grief Protection (Claims)
• QuickShop (Chest Shops)
• Diamond Bank Economy
• Essentials (tpa, homes, warp)
• Scoreboard
• BetterRtp (Random teleport)

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IP Address

GB Servers

  • 0/100 Players
  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 91.2% Uptime
  • 3 days Last Ping
  • 1 Votes

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