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JuliGames Network is a great Minecraft LifeSteal SMP server that's perfect for PvP practice. It features custom crates, currency, and world generation, along with tons of other fun stuff like ranks, swords/tools, player levels, a warzone, bounties, an auction house, and more. The server also has a BoxPvP mode with similar features, and weekly events will be coming soon! JuliGames Network even supports cross-play, and you can join its Discord server for support, updates, and suggestions.

Lifesteal SMP Features:
- Custom Crates
- Custom Currency
- Custom World Generation
- Epic Ranks (obtainable through the crates, in-game money, and online store)
- Custom Swords / Tools
- Player Levels
- Amazing Warzone
- Player Bounties
- Auction House
- shop
- Cool Spawn
- Resource World which gets resetted
- Normal Worlds
- Koth ( King of the Hill ) <- coming soon!
- Combat Timer
- Custom Money Generators
- Cross-play
- LifeSteal System
- and much more.....

BoxPvP Features*:
- Same as Lifesteal SMP, but with some changes.
- and much more...

* BoxPVP features will depend on the vote happening on the Discord, so be sure to join and vote for what features you want!

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