The Beanstock SMP

Minecraft Server

Tags: KitPVP PvE PvP Spigot Vanilla

The Beanstock SMP is a Minecraft server created by a group of Streamers, Youtubers, and friends. They aim to create the perfect Minecraft SMP server by involving the community in their streams, videos, and fun events. The server features a simplified shop with only essential items, custom weapons that are super balanced and do not do massive damage or have crazy abilities, 25 custom Minecraft bosses, and ten new duel arenas with PvP kits. It also has ranks and an anti-cheat plugin to limit cheating. Players can even claim lands for themselves and raid enemy lands with claim busters. Join The Beanstock SMP server and its Discord now, and come have fun and make lots of new friends!!

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  • 1.20 Version
  • 100% Uptime
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