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The Australian Towny & Geopolitics Server

Dynmap: http://map.warlock-mc.com
Discord: http://disc.warlock-mc.com

NPC Army Custom Plugin

Build up an industry, forge your army, lead your NPC-soldiers into battle and command your Player-Generals to lead their own soldiers.

Theme: Roughly medieval to 19th century

Casus bellis are required for war, nations and towns must be on theme. Nations conduct diplomacy, write treaties, have formal alliances and conduct trade. Some of our current nations include:

- The First Republic of Latzadin
- The Great Grama Republic
- United Levellian Republics
- The Kingdom of Britannia
- The Kingdom of Tiredia
- The Imperium Allemagnum.

We prioritise diplomacy and roleplay. We are staunchly against factions-styled raiding and toxicity and gloating about winning.

In the towny world are claimable strategic resources that are needed by all states. The world itself is small. Both of these features are designed to encourage conflict because while we do promote the need for legitimate reasons to go to war, we do not want a conflict-less server.

Our mini-games & other features include:
- Premium Quests, Dungeons and Elite Mobs
- Premium McMMO
- Infinite Parkour
- Mob Arena
- Murder Mystery (AMONG US)
- Build Battle (Compete to see who builds the best build OR play a Guess-The-Build pictionary game!)

IP: warlock-mc.com
Bedrock: Use same ip and port: 25565

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  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 99.4% Uptime
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