Welcome to Empathy, a gaming community established February of 2014.
Empathy prides itself on providing a community run by polite, mature, and collaborative people.
This server offers a variety of game modes suited to all players. Our 1.9 worlds are split into Survival (non-pvp) and Atlas (consensual pvp only). The server also features a factions world, a skyblock world, creative plots, and a large collection of minigames. Empathy also prides itself on offering a unique server experience. In addition to allowing a player to set up to 25 homes and using essentials economy and grief prevention, Empathy also has custom plugins. Custom plugins include a unique npc-drops plugin that allows mass customization of NPC drops and rewards, an enhanced chestshop plugin that shows the location of each shop, and the Empathy Lag Monitor, which tracks mobs and entities and helps provide a lag-free experience for you! We are also home to the Empathy Minecraft Academy, an in-game school where players can host or take a variety of classes. In addition to the EMA, the server uses quests and special events such as "the mob of the week" to create a diverse set of activities for every player. No matter what your interests, Empathy has something for you.
Come join us at or at empathyheals.enjin.com and remember to BUILD EACH OTHER UP!

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  • 1/100 Players
  • 1.11.2 Version
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 9 hours Last Ping
  • 39 Votes

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