Reborn Nanjyasorya in Japan

Minecraft Server

Tags: Mcmmo Survival Vanilla

Reborn Nanjyasorya is a Japanese Minecraft server offering a unique semi-vanilla survival gaming experience. The server operates in hard mode, allows PvP, and its map has no border restrictions. Players can also claim land to protect their builds and freely create trap towers and circuits without any limitations. Unlike other Minecraft servers, there is no fast travel option, so players must explore the world on foot. The only teleport commands allowed are /tpa, /tpahere, and /home bed. The main objective of the server is to defeat the Ender Dragon, which has four levels of difficulty: Normal, Medium, Hard, and Hell. Defeating the dragon regularly results in better rewards, which can also be exchanged. Join Reborn Nanjyasorya now and discover all the features of this mesmerizing new world!


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  • 3/20 Players
  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 100% Uptime
  • 7 hours Last Ping
  • 28 Votes

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