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Welcome to a 1.8 Fully Supported server with extra commands!

What we have is a real 1.8 Vanilla Server with extra commands using a bukkit bridge!

- Commands include:

/back (teleport to your previous location)
/clearinventory (clear the contents of you inventory; specify a player name to clear that player's inventory instead)
/delhome (delete a set home)
/hat (place the item in your hand on your head)
/home (go to a set home)
/listhomes (list player homes)
/nick (set a custom name)
/rename (rename the item in hand)
/sethome (set a home point)
/spawn (teleport to server spawn point)
/tpa (send a teleport request to a player; you will teleport to them if accepted)
/tpaccept (accept the last teleport request)
/tpahere (send a teleport here request to a player; they will teleport to you if accepted)
/tpdeny (deny the last teleport request)
/warp (teleport to a warp point)
Request Teleport (/tpahere)
Economy (/ibuy /ibrowse)
Name colors (/namecolor)
Backpacks (/bp)
Ride/Throw (/ride)
Armor Stands will "dance" at spawn, and periodically everywhere on server.
Armor Stands also when placed will randomize their type (small, large, with base plate, without, etc).

and much more! see /help in game to see what you can do! and Have Fun!

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