War Of Black Powder

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War Of Black Powder

Server IP: warofblackpowder.com (1.20.2) [cracked and premium ✔]
No mods, optifine required only need to accept the resourcepack.
Simple information:
Main gameplay: Team-PVP (20v20/faction vs faction)
- 5 Factions Similar Countries From All Over Asia, Europe, Africa, America
- 9 Maps to fight, with all kinds of buildings, areas, biomes...
- 13 Different Game Modes (Pretty Similar to TF2)
- Each faction has 14-15 classes (infantry, cavalry, artillery...)
- There is a shop system selling weapons, items... (no pay-to-win)

Information when playing:
For those who play crack, if you can't access the server and see "Invalid Session", you are playing an account with the same name as a premium account, please change the name.
If the server has no players, play PVE (NPC battle) by running the command "/playerstartmatch pve"
If there are multiple players, run the command "/playerstartmatch"

Game modes such as:
- King Of The Hill (capture the midpoint),
- Battle (Fight until all reinforcements run out),
- Domination (Kills the most wins),
- Siege (Build a base and defend it),
- Control Points (Capture multiple points everywhere),
- Payload (Push the car to victory).
- Capture The Flag (Steal Flags)

Classes such as:
- Musketeer (Basic Infantry),
- Officer (Officer),
- Color Bearer (Flag bearer),
- Sapper (Engineering/Construction Engineer),
- Medic (Surgeon, Doctor),
- Hussar (Light Cavalry),
- Cataphract (Heavy Armored Cavalry),
- Dragoon (Gun Cavalry),
- Cannoneer (Field Gunner),
- Rocketeer (Rocket Operator).

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/jPC55Kq5HJ


More Informations:
This is a minecraft server created to continue the success of "Napoleonic Datapack" by RkeyCap aka myself. The server has been in development for nearly a year but has still not achieved the expected results. Hope you guys will support me! Thank you very much.

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