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Tags: Faction PvE PvP Survival Vanilla

If you enjoy pre 1.9 pvp, join us! I played years ago and I liked the original style.

MenacingPvP is a faction, pvp, raid, and griefing server. The gameplay is nearly vanilla, and it isn't easy to acquire good gear. The economy isn't OP and it takes effort to get things, making raiding another faction base that much sweeter. Server is compatible from 1.18-1.20.2!

We've got Jobs to help make every player money, Crate Keys, a limited Shop for some essentials (creeper spawn eggs included), obsidian that's breakable by 4-7 tnt/creeper explosions, auctions, silk spawners for Ranks, combat logger, a kit dueling system and more.

Every vote in the game will give you a Vote Crate Key which gives nice items, and has chances to give a Rare Key and if you're really lucky enough, our Brawler Rank.

Give us a shot, we're new!

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  • 0/99 Players
  • 1.20.2 Version
  • 92.1% Uptime
  • 3 hours Last Ping
  • 7 Votes

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