TeamTDM Network

Tags: Survival Cracked

TDM Network is a Java/Bedrock cross-play Minecraft server dedicated to the Youtuber DanTDM, whose goal is to get noticed by him. It's set up in offline-mode (aka cracked) and uses data packs that add new structures and revamp the Nether and End. The server has also added an Ather portal and features regular events, faster minecarts, custom music discs, Trayaurus, Grim & Craig the mailman, and over 70 new enchants. TDM Network is free to play, and you have nothing to lose, so come check it out today!

To sign up for the TDM Network, follow these steps:
1.) Type "/reg password" replacing password with your desired password*.
2.) Type it again to confirm your password.
3.) You are now registered and ready to start playing!

* Passwords must contain at least one uppercase letter and one number.

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  • Offline! Players
  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 97.9% Uptime
  • 2 days Last Ping
  • 1 Votes

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