ChillZone SMP {WhiteListed}

Minecraft Server

Tags: Economy Survival Vanilla Whitelist

ChillZone SMP is a new whitelisted semi-vanilla Minecraft server where community is highly valued, and players have a say in server decisions. The server has been around for 4 years and features a user-friendly land-claiming plugin, various vanilla tweaks, Discord linking, Dynmap, player shops, and a diamond-based player-controlled economy. The staff members are all friendly, experienced, and fair, and the server rules are relaxed, prohibiting things like exploiting, griefing, stealing, and abuse. Join the excitement today by filling out a quick application form on the ChillZone Discord!


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  • 19/50 Players
  • Unknown Version
  • 100% Uptime
  • 16 hours Last Ping
  • 232 Votes

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