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★★SOFT OPEN 10/10/2023★★
★★GRAND OPENING 10/31/2023★★

Looking for a relaxed survival server that still has the capability of intense play? Take a trip to Dreamscape! Launched with the attitude of 'take it at your own pace'; Dreamscape allows you to focus either on the survival gameplay aspect, your Pokedex’s completion, competitive battles - or perhaps even a mixture of those and more!

We feature:

★ Anti-P2W; while there are donor ranks, as well as purchasable cosmetics, we have striven to keep prices and perks reasonable and not game (or wallet!) breaking.
★ Survival with keepInv, /warps, and /homes!
★ Custom breeding requirements - berries instead of random items!
★ Legendary/Shiny/Megaboss/UB announcements & tracking, as well as showing off your Pokemon!
★ Hunts, global market, wondertrades, and more!
★ Player-built and player-run gyms!
★ Weekly tournaments!
★ The ability to team up with others and create guilds!
★ A beautiful spawn village with helpful and informative NPCs to start you on your journey!

And most importantly, a positive environment that strives to cultivate a unique and entertaining experience for all players. We hope to see you soon!

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