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Welcome to BarcelTowny Mc. BarcelTowny is a community based server on which towns, survival,
and PVE is the basis of the experience. You can join a town, start a town or live in the Wilderness.
We have special dungeons, along with a lot of unique structures. We are a very new server and we strive to run a family, peaceful,
and fun server. Come and join our community today! This modpack started years ago. Tekkit classic, about 2012. Throughout the years,
there have been a few other public servers.
This is the first one that has come this far. A lot of thought has come into this. Hopefully, this server stays for the long haul.
1.7.10, is a good Modding version. There are items and mobs that did come later that are in this modpack.
This modpack is called Machines and Magic Lite, but it was called Machines and Magic Futuristics first.

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  • 1.7.10 Version
  • 98.2% Uptime
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