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Pakacraft is a Minecraft Roleplay server with an intriguing storyline about a war between two kingdoms. Players take on the role of a traveler in a village called Dereli and assist its people, fight battles at the border post, and can even meet a Dereli Lord! The server is survival-based with an economy system, set on a hard difficulty level, and offers various features like dungeons, ranks, clans, mines, plots, and more. There are also missions players can complete for awesome rewards like perms and money, as well as a decent cheat-tracking system to maintain a fair gaming experience for everyone.

• Hard Survival
• Roleplay
• Bloody moons
• Special Dragons
• NPCs and Bosss
• No P2Win!
• Quests
• Ranks
• Story
• Clans
• Economy
• Marriage
• Mines
• Plots
• Special Weapons

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  • 0/50 Players
  • 1.20.1 Version
  • 74.7% Uptime
  • 1 week Last Ping
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