Modern Anarchy

Minecraft Server

Tags: Anarchy Survival Vanilla

Experience the spirit of 2b2t on Modern Anarchy: a Minecraft server reminiscent of the legendary chaos!

✨ Vanilla plugins ensure an authentic experience, maintaining the raw essence of gameplay.

🌍 Join a thriving player base in version 1.20, where survival transcends boundaries, offering epic adventures.

🛠️ Dive into unfiltered gameplay, reminiscent of the golden age of Minecraft anarchy.

📣 Engage with an active Discord community, fostering alliances and rivalries.

Welcome to Modern Anarchy—where 2b2t's legacy lives on! Immerse yourself in a world of untamed creativity and survival. Unleash your ingenuity amidst the unbound realms, shaped solely by your actions.

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  • 0/20 Players
  • 1.20.2 Version
  • 97.7% Uptime
  • 1 week Last Ping
  • 2 Votes

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