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Looking for a fresh and unique gaming experience? OuterWorlds is a newly released Minecraft server network that aims to provide the best possible experiences in familiar gamemodes. In their KitPvP+ mode, they have added features like building, outposts, and envoys, which are not typically seen in KitPvP servers. It also offers custom kits and is not pay-to-win! Envoys events happen every hour where players can use glass blocks from their kits to build toward air balloons in the sky that contain crates full of goodies.

In their GalacticSky mode, a twist on the popular SkyBlock gamemode, players start off on their own planet instead of island. It has unique features like pets, block stacking, spawner stacking, slaves, kits, and PayPal rewards, as well as various cosmetics. This gamemode is also not pay-to-win, as players can purchase upgrades like /fly with in-game currency instead of real money.

Although OuterWorlds does offer ranks, its focus is not on taking players' money. Its real goal lies in creating a friendly community, encouraging collaboration, and having a stable economy. Speaking of economy, it's connected between the KitPvP and GalacticSky servers, allowing players to earn money on one server and use it on the other. OuterWorlds also hosts daily events, including staff-hosted events and UHCs (Ultra Hardcore matches). Join now to see what other fun and interesting things there are to discover!

Staff Applications are currently OPEN! OuterWorlds is looking for some new faces to represent their network. Think you have what it takes? Sign up on the forums and apply!

- Discord: https://outerworlds.us/discord
- Forums: https://outerworlds.us/forum
- Store: https://outerworlds.us/store

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