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Welcome to Wavecraft!

Wavecraft is a friendly survival multiplayer server with a bunch of different ways to play.

We are a unique server with a custom world, custom mobs and bosses to fight, custom weapons, tools, and armour to unlock and craft, and frequent server events to tie it all together!

Wavecraft has something for everyone, whether you want to PVP with friends, level up your different skills, or simply pass time by fishing, there will be something to keep you busy.

We have a custom plugin (pyrofishing) that makes fishing a server wide challenge. You can participate in hourly fishing competitions, catch custom fish, level up your fishing skill tree, and craft new augments to enhance the abilities of your fishing rod.

We have a custom plugin (pyrofarming) that makes farminga server wide challenge! You can participate in hourly farmingcompetitions, plant and watch your different crops grow over time.

Slimefun adds a whole new way of playing Minecraft to the server. Think of it as a modpack, but without requiring any mods! From custom sorting systems, to nuclear reactors- you can be sure to find something to soak up your tim!

Custom Enchantments
Wavecraft features over 200 custom enchantments that you can add to your weapons, tools and armour. Unlock trench- an enchantment that allows you to mine in 3x3 chunks, or disappear, an enchantment that turns you invisible when low on health!

With the launch of Season 1 Reloaded, we added custom dungeons that players can enter! Party up with your friends to fight custom bosses and earn custom loot, but be sure to gear up first because they are very strong!

If building is more your style, Wavecraft features a flat creative world that builders can use to conjure towering buildings or practice their small details.

What about events?
Wavecraft holds regular events, with fishing competitions every hour, new items to unlock with our different seasons, and pinata parties when we reach voting goals, there is always something happening!

Join Wavecraft and play Parkour, games, spleef, skyblock, skygens, our new tycoon mode, or just kick back and chill!

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  • 8/500 Players
  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 99.7% Uptime
  • 2 hours Last Ping
  • 260 Votes

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