Ukrainain Anarchy

Minecraft Server

Tags: Anarchy PvP Survival

Ukrainain Anarchy is a vanilla Minecraft 1.20 server with complete anarchy. The server has only self-written plugins for private zones (Pottullo) as well as a local and global chat system (Chatullo). The private zones are small (15x15x15) and around a block of lapis lazuli ore (for the extraction of which you need a silk touch pickaxe). Use the command "/pz" in-game to learn more about the privatization process. Ready to build something majestic?! Or grief something exquisite?! If you are, and even if you aren't, come to visit the Ukrainain Anarchy server!

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  • 1.20.1 Version
  • 68.9% Uptime
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