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G-Block Survival | Casual Survival Reimagined | 1.20!
Welcome to one of the most casual enhanced survival servers for Minecraft Java edition ever synthesized!

Our mission: What originally began as a private multiplayer server amongst a group of friends evolved into what we now know as G-Block Survival. Our server’s goal is to improve on what Minecraft already has to offer by including versatile, innovative features into the game that upgrade the vanilla SMP experience while also staying true to the true style of Minecraft survival.

Our server includes:
- Backpacks (that keep items upon death)
- Land Claiming
- Custom Crafting/Smelting Recipes
- SilkSpawners
- TreeFeller
- Sceduled End Dimension Resets
- Hand-Crafted Challenges And Events!
- Armored Elytras
- Custom Encantments
- Noteblock Music Player
- Active Discord Server
- Trading
& more!

Grab your pickaxe, gear up with your friends, and let the adventure unfold!

Join today: block.goofa.xyz

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