Infinity Cloud

Tags: Economy Hardcore Mcmmo Pets PvE Spigot Survival Vanilla

Infinity Cloud is a survival economy server with a twist.
Our world is fully custom, no more ugly minecraft terrain!
There is no admin shop, the economy is fully player ran. Make money from playing and voting.
Custom mobs make the night dangerous.
Upgrade your starter items using our trader NPCs to get really strong tools and armor.

Server Rules:
[1] Be respectful to others playing on the server.
[2] Do not use bad words, there are some younger players on the server not just you.
[3] Griefing is a bannable offence.
[4] No xraying/hacking/cheating/macros.
[5] No spamming chat.
[6] All redstone must have an off switch or the ability to automatically turn off when not in use.
[7] No offensive/inappropriate builds.
[8] No posting personal information.
[9] No bigotry / hate speech including but not limited to ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and religion.
[10] No advertising.

We look forward to seeing you on the server!

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