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Terraforming Mars is a Towny-Earth Minecraft server. If you are already familiar with Towny-Earth servers, you already have an idea of what it's about. However, the server is not set on Earth but on Mars instead. And Mars is fundamentally different from Earth. For example, there is no coal because there were never any large forests. But there is also good news: scientists have been working hard so that you can make what you can't find (Skyblock style)!

What is the best way to start?
At the beginning, you will receive a starter kit consisting of armor, tools and some basic resources. With these and the resources you find on Mars, you can craft everything else. The crafting table will be your best friend. Almost all recipes are available from the start, so you know what to do.

You will find a large map at the spawn point showing the positions of the most important warp points. Of course, you can also use the Dynmap. Select a location, jump there with "/warp region" and start your own town. To earn money, you can choose between the jobs of hunter, miner and farmer. As the game progresses, more options are unlocked.

Wait a minute, doesn't Mars have two moons?
That's right, they're actually important. Phobos is something like the resource world and is reset regularly. To ensure excitement, the server regularly changes the composition and surface of Phobos. You can reach it via "/warp Phobos". Deimos is currently developing into a pleasure world. After all, a busy Mars terraformer needs to relax sometimes. From there, for example, you can jump to the space station Mir and become a treasure hunter. The treasures are renewed for all players every five days. More games and arenas are in development, and of course, the server takes players' wishes into account whenever possible.

Do I have to pay anything?
NO! There is no Pay2Win on Mars, and there never will be. You cannot buy benefits either, nor will the server ever take money out of your pocket. The Terraforming Mars operators bear the operating costs themselves. All player ranks can be achieved by playing the game.

Connection Details:
- Server IP: play.survivalmars.net
- Port: 25565
- Bedrock IP:

- Discord: https://discord.gg/nSzNbSAyc4
- Dynmap: http://map.survivalmars.net/

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