Frank's PokéPark

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Tags: Cobblemon

If you are looking for a friendly Minecraft Cobblemon server with fun addons, weekly tournaments, and other great events to keep you entertained, look no further! Frank's PokéPark has you covered! It is a newer server looking to find more players. Want to know a bit more about Frank's PokéPark before you join? Keep reading or check out the servers official Discord.

☆ Playtime ranks where each rank gives access to a new command and kit. All previous commands will remain available.
★ Enhanced world generation thanks to Terralith and PokéNests, offering fun new places to explore and special loot to find.
☆ Weekly tournaments with great prizes moderated by a dedicated tournament team to keep things balanced and fair.
★ Community influenced new features and changes.
☆ Easy to obtain help or report issues thanks to friendly staff members, a support ticket system, and a bug tracking forum.
★ A custom modepack that can be found on CurseForge under the same name as the server.
☆ Shiny rates have been increased to give players a better chance at finding shinies.
★ Pay2Win free!


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  • 9/100 Players
  • 1.20.1 Version
  • 95% Uptime
  • 15 hours Last Ping
  • 169 Votes

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