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NationMC is a Minecraft server with seasons that is hosted on the US East Coast. It provides features like seasons, free voter ranks, vehicles, land claiming, and fishing. It also has a custom Earth world perfect for creating nations and towns. There is a bunch of other cool stuff too, including /help and /menu commands. Join the NationMC server today and invite your friends to collaborate with you in a spot based on a real-life location!

» /Help & /Menu (all custom features)
» Earth Map
» Towns & Nations
» Land Claiming
» Free Voter Ranks
» Custom Enchants
» Guns
» Drugs
» Vehicles
» Casino
» Marketplace
» Chest Shops
» Player Warps
» Stackable Spawners
» Random Teleport
» Fishing Tournaments
» Daily Rewards
» Seasons
» Quests
» Skills
» Custom Heads
» Player Tags
» Anti-cheat
» Friendly staff


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