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Tags: Economy Mcmmo PvE PvP Survival

Erobrer SMP is a Minecraft SMP server created with the idea that every detail is essential. That's why you'll be treated to a balanced, unique and clean experience when you play here. The server is hosted on a dedicated R5 5600X server for blazing-fast performance and no lag. Check out below for an in-depth list of the features you'll find on the Erobrer SMP server.


đŸ•ĩī¸ Cheat Prevention: You won't be bothered by hackers thanks to a powerful no invasive anti-cheat plugin with no false positives to block all kind of cheats including X-Ray.

🔒 Grief Prevention: Don't worry about griefers, a grief prevention system keeps your items and buildings safe.

↩ī¸ Death back: If you die, just use /back to return to your grave and retrieve your stuff.

⚔ī¸ Optional PVP: You can toggle your PVP status anytime, It's off by default.

🌲 New beautiful biomes: The terralith datapack provides beautiful, custom vanilla-friendly world generation with more than 80 new biomes to explore.

💸 Auctions and Market: Sell items in the auction house, or create your own chest shop on the server market.

⭐ Skills: With McMMO, you have a lot of skills that you can level up.

👑 Rankups: Purchase ranks with in-game money, each rank gives you new epic perks!

🐟 Custom fishing: A unique fishing system that you haven't seen on any server.

📜 Quests: Complete more than 1,000 different quests and earn rewards and money.

⛏ī¸ Jobs: You have a wide variety of jobs to get money.

💎 Mining Treasures: You can find random treasures while mining. These drop key fragments that can be used to create crate keys with the locksmith NPC.

🌀 Player Warps: Create or visit public farms and stores.

👹 Bosses: Team up with players and fight powerful bosses for key fragments in the dungeon.

đŸ“Ļ Crates: You can get all crate keys by playing! The server doesn't have any exclusive paid keys.

🐉 Server resource pack: The server features a custom resource pack to improve its overall aesthetic and add epic skins, crates and tools.

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  • 1.20 Version
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