Risen Mc

Tags: Anarchy Economy Survival

RisenMc is the ultimate Minecraftsurvival server owned by the renowned content creator, Nathanlive. RisenMc is a bustling community where players can immerse themselves in a captivating survival experience while enjoying a robust economy system. With an emphasis on freedom and creativity, this server offers a unique twist on the traditional survival gameplay.

At RisenMc, there are minimal rules in place, ensuring players have the freedom to explore and experiment. The only restriction is the prohibition of hack clients, ensuring a fair and balanced playing field for all. Let your imagination run wild as you traverse the vast landscapes and embark on exciting adventures.

RisenMc offers an array of exclusive features that set it apart from other survival servers. One such feature is the Suppy Crate, a supply drop that descends upon the world twice or more each day. These crates are packed with rare and valuable items, offering an exciting opportunity for players to obtain unique treasures.

Another notable addition to the server is the Tracking Compass. This powerful tool allows you to track a random player, revealing their coordinates and other pertinent information. Whether you seek allies or adversaries, the Tracking Compass will guide you to your target.

RisenMc also features Virtual Spawners, a twist on the classic Minecraft spawners. Rather than spawning mobs directly, these spawners save the mobs in a special "vault storage." This innovative feature allows players to boost and stack the stored mobs, creating a formidable army or a bustling farm. Unleash your creativity and make the most of this unique offering.

Connect to RisenMc server today to engage with a vibrant community, take part in a thriving economy, and uncover rare treasures as you explore its vast world. To join the action, simply connect to the server's IP. The server also supports crossplay, allowing both Java and Bedrock users to come together and enjoy the immersive gameplay experience. For Bedrock players, using the port 19132 will grant you access to the server.

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