Tags: Adventure Survival

HabitsSmp is a friendly Minecraft survival multiplayer server open to all players. It offers them a fun and challenging environment with strong and custom mobs. Players can also vote and be rewarded with pinata parties where they can gain rewards for themselves and their friends. The server has rules that do not allow hacking, X-ray, over-the-top toxicity, or spamming, but players can still have fun without worrying about being unfairly banned. Bans or reporting a player can be done privately on the server's Discord channel. HabitsSmp has plans to grow and add many new features. Come check it out today!

Current Features:
- Party chat
- Tpa/sethomes
- Custom mobs
- Pinata rewards

Planned Features:
- Custom enchants
- Custom Nether/End
- Shops
- Skull heads/pets
- Economy
- Skills
- Kingdoms/clans

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  • 1.19.4 Version
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