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woodCraft is a new Minecraft Factions server created by veteran server owners looking to create a competitive, engaging, community-like gaming experience. It already has so many great features to experience, and a boatload of other ideas it wants to integrate. If you are looking for staff members that are mature, incredibly active, and always looking to continue to expand content for players, then woodCraft is the server for you. Come and check it out!

Some of the woodCraft servers features include:
- Java and Bedrock Crossplay support; play with your Console friends!
- Fully customized Economy and Shops!
- Fully customized Quests!
- genBuckets and ChunkBusters
- Top Faction Leaderboards and detailed breakdown!
- Mob Stacking and Preloaded world chunks to cut down on server lag!
- Customized Legendary Crates!! 📷
- Expansive Warzone sitting below a unique and floating spawn!
- Active mature staff eager to assist any question you may have!
- Customized RandomTP system to allow multiple layers of exploration to help you find the most remote location for a base or to help you go on the hunt for other players bases!
- Multiple leaderboards tracking multiple different in-game stats!

Note: woodCraft will be looking for staff members soon.

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