Watermelon Factions

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Tags: Economy Faction PvE PvP Survival

Watermelon Factions is a Minecraft server that strives to revive the classic faction experience. Most faction servers have implemented a /warp shop command that allows players to buy in-game items, but this creates lag as warps are placed all over the map. So to help combat this, Watermelon Factions gives everyone access to /shop, which opens the shop GUI from anywhere on the server! This reduces lag significantly as there is no need to place signs or picture frames for shops all over the map, and players do not have to teleport from their base to the shop to purchase building materials. The Watermelon Factions server also boasts many other exciting features, such as in-game Auction houses where players can auction off thier items. There are a variety of old school features that you can explore for yourself. Come check out the Watermelon Factions server today!

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