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The spark has ignited and your adventures within a new untamed wilderness will soon begin...

Your new home awaits you within an expanding 5k by 5k overworld wilderness. There will be plenty of time to build up your personal empires or join others to accomplish the same goal. Perhaps you'll attempt to conquer the Warden if you dare. Although redstoners beware, as your precious nether quartz is temporarily.. out of reach.. so prepare for some creative thinking to solve some short-term redstone problems.

Portals won't work until after the stars align to allow you access to the hellish underworld of the Nether. Try your luck by getting unlimited bacon and creating a beacon, or go in search for the precious material for netherite and bastion busting for the netherite upgrades. You never know, you might be saying "screw the nether" after your equipment goes up in a puff of smoke or getting brutally pummeled by a piglin wielding a gold axe.

After conquering the Nether with a cobblestone tree and you repair your dirty and burnt things, the void begins to hunger for your very life and items. The ender dragon will be flapping and tapping, waiting to be put out of its lonely existence. Be weary explorers, the End has riches that will make you have an addiction for fireworks along with those pesky shulkers, neither of which will be an uplifting experience unless you go out with a bang or go splat!

The Stick Swiper Minecraft server is utilizing bundles and experimental new features from the upcoming 1.20 update. Connect now to experience them, and to get started on the epic and overwhelmingly exciting adventure this vanilla SMP server has prepared for you!

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