Old Fashion Survival

Minecraft Server

Tags: Economy Spigot Survival Vanilla

Old Fashioned Survival offers a variety of features and commands for players to use. Some of the perks that are available to Donators include the ability to use /back to return to a previous location and to run /afk to enter AFK mode without being kicked. They also have access to additional kits and the ability to use colors and formatting in their chat messages.

Players can use commands like /depth, /compass, and /getpos to gather positional information, and they can access a mobile crafting workbench, as well as a variety of other crafting tables, by running the /workbench command. Donators Gold level and higher can also use the /condense command to condense any items in their inventory.

In addition to these features, players can access a variety of helpful commands like /mail, /msg, and /recipe, and they can send alerts to Jr. Mods or higher by running /helpop. Overall, Old Fashioned Survival offers a wealth of features and commands to help players navigate and enjoy the game.

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  • 1.19.4 Version
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