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The Sanctum Network Minecraft server features over 360 mods more than ATM9 and is hosted on a 24/7 dedicated server. It uses a custom modpack that is easily applied to your client with first time installation only taking 10 minutes max, via CurseForge. Join the Sanctum Network today where a world of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Technology, and new Dimensions awaits!

Discover the many technological paths, giving you balanced features to help and make your game more enjoyable. Use a Macerator Machine to double your ores, or try the Mining Lasers to blast a mineshaft open with ease! Of course you will have to power these things with electricity! There are hundreds of technology items and machines to learn to use to enhance your game.

Alchemy is the practice of Equivalence Exchange. It's one of the greatest things to learn, and will be infinitely helpful to you. Every item has a energetic value, and can be transmuted from raw energy. Using alchemy, you can convert items into their raw energy, and then use the obtained energy to get any other item assuming you have collected enough energy (for example: Stone=1, Iron = 256). If you collect 256 stone, you can transmute one iron ingot from it!

Use the forces of the universe to discover your true nature and the nature of the cosmos. Magic is End-Game for balance but VERY fun once you get going. There are multiple magic systems and arts in place. Auromancy is the manipulation of the energy contained in your local area, focusing it to do your bidding. Golemancy is the creation of golems using clay + magic energy, golems perform various tasks and protection for you. Artifice is the practice of creating charmed items using magical energy you have collected. Arcane infusion is the infusion of weapons, armor, and ammo with magic which will enhance the items to your desire.

Discover the infinite dimensions on Sanctum Network or create your very own custom dimension to rule over. Of course, creating dimensions costs a lot of electricity to upkeep. However, there are still awesome dimensions free to explore. The Lost Cities is a dimension you will find which contains a world full of abandoned cities, and skyscrapers, full of loot and dangers. The Twilight Forest is a dimension full of magic, you can learn new traits of magic and find magical loot in this dimension, but beware one of the many bosses may total you easily!

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