Pixelmon: Crimson Legacy

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Tags: Adventure Economy Pixelmon PvE PvP Survival

Pixelmon: Crimson Legacy is a Minecraft 1.16.5 Pixelmon server with 6IV shiny starters, play ranks, events, player gyms, and more. The server hopes to add an exclusive region and storyline in the not-so-distant future, but for now, its gameplay is just survival-based. See what fun and challenging surprises wait for you within this Pokemon Minecraft server by becoming a member today!

• Gameshark is ALLOWED!
• Rank up and get goodies by completing your PokeDex!
• Obtain the CHAMPION rank by defeating all 8 Player Gyms! (Once gyms release)
• Purchase Pixelmon Modifier Tokens with in-game currency!
• Experience better breeding! (No requirements! Each egg only takes 10 minutes to produce!)
• Experience more common Hidden Abilities! (Only 1/50 for a hidden ability, instead of 1/150!)
• Free EV and Level Training Hot Spots for EVERYONE!
• 6IV Shiny Starter Pokemon!
• Brand New Server! Open Beta release date was 03/19/2023!

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