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CGI is a friendly community, and we are all passionate about gaming. We don't just play Minecraft either, so if you're interested in other game servers have a chat with us. We have a dedicated, home-hosted, secure and fast server for Medieval MC (Fabric edition). Our small staff team who are always willing to help. Our community discord has announcement channels and it is the best place to get in touch with any staff member.

Server Rules:
- Respect everybody; no matter their political opinions, religion, sexuality, mental well-being, personal situations, etc.
- Keep things civil. We understand there will be disagreements, but everybody is entitled to their own opinions.
- Do not spam, advertise or self-promote.
- Keep builds sensible, no lag machines.
- Do not abuse any glitches/exploits.
- This is primarily a PvE server, PvP is only allowed when agreed upon.
- No griefing/raiding claimed bases.
- An admin's word is final.


Dedicated, Home-made Server:
Our founder built and maintains our high-quality server, with the latest and greatest gear. Paired with a high speed connection, your connection to our server should be seamless and uninterrupted.*

Our server is hosted 24/7. Any downtime is announced in our Discord server.

Server Location:
Our server is hosted in the UK.

It is possible to rank up, but in order to do so you have to be part of the community.

Versatile Network:
We have the capability to host multiple servers at once. Don't fancy playing this modpack any more? Speak to a member of staff about getting a different server set up.

*This is not guaranteed, the performance of your gameplay can be affected by other variables.


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