Mythical Lands

Minecraft Server

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Mythical Lands is a small whitelisted indie Minecraft network created by Tarlow that focuses on fun, creativity, adventure, and community.

My main focus is to create a safe and fun environment where people can play with their friends, use their creativity, and explore the world while enjoying custom Minecraft game modes I create.

We currently have 2 game modes to choose from!

Our Mythical Lands Survival and Beta Skyblock!

Rise through the ranks, build an epic town, get top island, collect a fortune, or meet some new friends. The choice is truly yours!

On both servers, we have a variety of custom features to spice up the gameplay.

💜 Both Servers Features:
💠 In-Game Ranks
💠 Cosmetics
💠 Keep Inventory
💠 Custom Items
💠 Fishing Contests
💠 Playtime Rewards
💠 Voting Rewards
💠 Crates
💠 Auctions
💠 Player Vaults
💠 Skills to level up!
💠 Jobs
💠 Chat Games
💠 Chat Tags
💠 Enchants
💠 Events, giveaways, and more!

🌄 Survival Features:
🔸 Land Claim and Chest Locks
🔸 Player Shops & Server Shops
🔸 Mythical Coins
🔸 263 Quests
🔸 Player Warps
🔸 Envoy and PvP area
🔸 Unique Custom Tools & Weapons
🔸 Resets only on community vote or major update.
🔸 Nether, End, and Resource worlds reset monthly!

☁️ Skyblock Features:
🔹 Server Shop (buy and sell blocks/items)
🔹 4 Custom Islands to choose from
🔹 Sky Coins
🔹 Island Warps
🔹 Island Upgrades
🔹 Island Missions
🔹 Quick Sell Menu
🔹 Lottery
🔹 Minions
🔹 3 Month long Seasons!

Server IP:
Current Version: 1.19.3
Current Gamemodes: SMP 1.19.3 & Skyblock (beta)

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  • 1.19 Version
  • 82.6% Uptime
  • 3 days Last Ping
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