Ninja Squirrel Creative - 1.19.3 Plots

Minecraft Server

Tags: Creative Roleplay

The Ninja Squirrel Creative Minecraft server offers plots for builders to come and unleash their imagination. The server runs on version 1.19.3 and features FAWE, Voxelsniper, Gobrush, Gopaint, Arceon, and MetaBalls loaded into the server. All players will have access to all of these plugins the second they log in, no rank-up or donations required!

Plot sizes start at 145x145, and players can own up to 8 plots as a new member. You can also merge plots with /plot merge for even larger plots! Players may choose to have their plots reviewed by Staff for the chance to rank up. This is a purely cosmetic feature that has little effect on the gameplay experience outside of higher ranks being given more plots.

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