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Tags: Adventure Economy Mcmmo Pixelmon PvE Survival

Looking for a Minecraft Pixelmon server? Obscuros Pixelmon offers a home that never resets, where you can play any way you want. Whether that's casual survival style with progression or adventure-like with challenges, or party-like with minigames, this server has got it all in one creative package with a lot of heart.

Come join us and let us surprise you with a truly unique and original experience like you've never seen before. Explore and enjoy of our many features in company of beautifully designed Obscuros Regional Pokémon and a friendly, active community of players.

Instead of resets we add constant feature updates to keep players engaged and passionate about the server for a long time.

The easiest way to get started playing is by installing our Technic Pack here:

Server IP: mc.playobscuros.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/HqwwFHK
Gallery: https://obscurosofficial.wixsite.com/obscurosgallery
Wiki: https://obscuros.fandom.com/wiki/Obscuros_Pixelmon_Wiki
Website: https://obscuros.craftingstore.net/

• Friendly Community: Community focused server
• User-friendly layout. Use your NavGear or /nav for easy navigation
• Obscuros Regional Pokémon: Unique Forms with different textures/stats/abilities/moves/sprites
• Naturally-spawning: Obscuros Form Pokémon & Custom Texture Pokémon [They are like 2nd shinies but more common]
• Obscuros Starters: 2nd Starters with unique types
• Bug Contest: Hourly Contest, earn Bug Catching Points and claim unique rewards at /warp NationalPark
• Fishing Contest: Hourly Contest, Earn Fishing Points with a unique system and claim rewards at /warp FishingHamlet
• McMMO: Level Up System
• Treasure Hunts: Collect hidden treasures in the cities for Obscuros Form Pokémon & unique rewards
• Game Corner: Gamble and win prizes
• Pokémon Crane Game: Daily self-contained minigame. Anyone can participate, no advantages outside of skill and luck!
• Giant Pokémon Boss Raids: See raids schedule in our Discord (daily)
• Obscuros Region: Custom Cities to explore, with Boss Trainers and unique features
• Lunar New Year: Claim a unique Regional Form Dynasty Pokémon every year at /warp LunarNewYear
• Player Gyms ║ Player Elite Four ║ NPC Gyms ║ [open applications]
• Player Gym Rewards: Defeat Player Gym Leaders twice to get exclusive Gym Custom Textured Pokémon
• Pokémon Parks: Pal Park, Safari, National Park, Eterna Forest, & more
• Monthly Tournaments ║Monthly Drop Party [items donated by players]
• Events & Contests: [Iki Town Festival | Lake of Rage | Pokémon Snap | Fishing Contest | Bug Catching Contest | & more]

• Mt. Battle: Battle through all 100 Trainers for increasingly lucrative rewards
• Battle Tower: Battle endless randomized trainers to earn Battle Points and claim great rewards
• Rocket Castle: Battle Team Rocket to earn exclusive Pokémon and rewards
• Gym Leader Castle: Earn Castle Coins by defeating NPC Leaders & Trainers
• Battle Café: Battle all 3 Café Masters daily for delicious rewards

• Obscuros Regional Pokémon: Unique Forms with different textures/stats/abilities/moves/sprites
• Pokédex Rewards: Unique rewards as you catch more Pokémon
• Earnable in-game Ranks
• Unlockable Areas & /kits
• Aura effects: Particles for your Pokémon
• Octillery's Vote Shop: Exchange vote tokens for special goodies
• Mall: Use your well-earned PokeDollars to get a variety of exclusive Pokémon
• Persian's Gold Shop: Use PokeDollars for a chance to get random Gold Pokémon, Gold Bottle Cap & Auras

• NavGear: User-friendly layout. Use your NavGear or /nav for easy navigation
• PokeSell: Sell Pokémon to Shopkeepers!
• Pokémon Modifications: Buy Pokémon mods with in-game currency [not cheap]
• EV Training Arenas
• Level Up: ''Zen Garden'' Training Zone
• Farm World: For resource gathering
• Public Mines: /warp Mine & /warp Mine2
• Daycare: with Virtual Ranch Blocks [for better performance]
• All Ride Pokémon Enabled [no tokens required]
• GTS║Wondertrade║Hunts║Ultra Space enabled
• Keep Inventory║-Land & Chest Protection

Twitter: @PlayObscuros
Instagram: @PlayObscuros
Twitch: PlayObscuros

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  • 18/100 Players
  • 1.16.5 Version
  • 99.6% Uptime
  • 41 minutes Last Ping
  • 659 Votes

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