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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Welcome to TraumaPvP!=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
We are a semi-anarchy server with a lot to offer!
-1.8 PvP!- no swing delay!

-supported versions 1.9 To 1.19.3!

-Economy! -we have an awesome economy to buy and sell things even spawners!

-FreeCrates!- we offer free crates to players just for playing the server!

-Custom world generation!- a fully custom overworld with 30+ new biomes to explore!

-Fully Custom Nether- tired of the same old boring nether? We have overhauled the nether to bring you lots of new structures tons of new loot and boss battles!! Custom bows, shields you name it!

-Custom sounds!- ever feel like Minecraft is way to quiet? When you join our Minecraft server you will be prompted with a resource pack, but this resource pack doesn't effect textures.. it effects SOUNDS! this adds a lot more ambient sounds to make the world feel more real, feel more alive. (Adds sounds like, birds chirping, water rushing, and new mob sounds!)

-EVENTS!- New events every week!- The winning player will earn a free rank for one week and their chose of the prefix!

-Become part of the community today! -
We are always welcome to suggestions and always active to fix any problems you might have!

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  • 1/25 Players
  • 1.19.3 Version
  • 97.9% Uptime
  • 19 hours Last Ping
  • 25 Votes

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