Crescent Cove

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Crescent Cove is a small but active new RPG server that was created to reinvoke the nostalgia of classic RPG Faction servers but structured in the Towny plugin. We build our gameplay around competitiveness and collaboration, with PVP being a secondary, but essential feature. We use Jobs, mcMMO, and Towny to fund the majority of our economy, as well as a free-to-play rank system that will keep you busy financially for quite some time.

The Overworld is generated using the Terralith plugin and the End uses Nullscape, and RealisticSeasons adds beautiful seasons and a new element of survival: winter. In addition to the infamous Vampire and Werewolves plugins, we are implementing our own custom races, as well as integrating them with plugins like the aforementioned Realistic Seasons to make different races more powerful throughout the in-game year.

We have a heavy emphasis on roleplaying and building lore for your Towns, Nations, and characters, and will be opening a forum in the near future. We are currently working towards our “official” launch and future events for the server. If you're interested, come check us out and stay for a while!

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