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Hecate MC is a Minecraft server that revolves around the player. Hecate MC offers a vast majority of dungeons for players to go through and advance to get better cosmetics.. We are not a pay to win server, we want everyone to have the same advantages as the others.

We offer ranks & cosmetics!

One of the things that makes our server different is the different dungeons that we offer all the players upon releasing them in our survival server. On our creative server we will have these dungeons available for some players to be able to access and run. There will be bosses, mods, and loot! You can even join your friends on your adventures!

Hecate MC also wants to keep expanding and keeping up to date with different modes, and not just creative. Hecate plans to release a skyblock, and survival, later in the future.The dungeons will go into survival once survival is released. This will add more game options for the player to choose from in the coming updates.

To keep things interesting, Hecate MC will be holding small events, possibly building competitions, and different game modes as well. This would help other players with different skill sets from each other to compete or even team up together.

In conclusion, Hecate MC is a server that will be different from most Minecraft servers due to our vast variety of dungeons. We aim to keep things different and interesting for the players. With our lack of pay to win, different dungeons, activities, and our cosmetics, it offers players and their friends of different skill levels to compete against each other.

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