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SkyBlock+ invites you to join their Minecraft Skyblock server, where you can experience an incredible gaming experience with enhancements that will keep you on the edge of your seat and entertained! Below are just some of the enhancements that await you on our Minecraft Skyblock server. Join us now and experience the ultimate Skyblock experience!

There are 3 kinds of islands, including Super Islands, Nether Islands and End Islands.

You can challenge your friends or other players to battles in various gaming challenges to earn rewards.

With each level achieved, you will receive new benefits and possibilities.

You can join other players in teams and collaborate to achieve common goals.

The borders of your island can be upgraded to give you more space to build.

Weather control:
You can control the weather on your island to tailor your gameplay to the weather.

Anticheat leaderboard:
Our server uses a strong anti-cheat system to prevent unfair gameplay.

Island upgrade:
You can upgrade your island with new features and enhancements.

You can store your resources and materials in a safe bank.

The new generator will allow you to obtain more resources and materials.

New fish species:
You can catch new species of fish that are specific to our server only.

Fish sale:
You can sell the fish you catch for resources or other materials.

You can craft totems that will provide you fishing bonuses!

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