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Viacraft is a new Minecraft server that is public, and does NOT require you to be on a whitelist to play. This server strives to be different and make a change in the Minecraft community. We are a Survival with ProtectionStones configured to make it exciting yet fair to those who are solo or more casual and want to only build. We also have the Sculk dimension on our server. Please read the wiki (link below) for more details.

How to play?
We support connections from Java Edition 1.19 and above. We also allow connections from CRACKED, non-premium players and Bedrock Edition players via GeyserConnect!

How to connect without premium (paid) account:
You must use a non-premium username if you are trying to connect to the server because paid accounts are given priority. Viacraft's authentication system scans incoming names upon login to see if they're already registered with Mojang so they can skip /register and automatically login.

If you are a cracked user and accidently did /premium and can no longer connect to the server. You will need to contact an Admin to be reset back to cracked.

Viacraft staff will not honor your request to use the name of a Mojang (paid) account by telling ViaAuth that it is "cracked/offline". This is for security reasons and to protect the identity of people who actually paid for Minecraft. As allowing this would create an inconvenience for them. e.g. not being able to join the server, trolling, etc. The only exception to this would be if you were banned by Mojang and can prove legal ownership!

How to connect on Bedrock Edition:
Please read

If you're having issues, you may have to disable online mode when prompted. Make sure port is 25565.


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  • 2/2,024 Players
  • 1.19.2 Version
  • 99% Uptime
  • 14 hours Last Ping
  • 44 Votes

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