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SpruceHaven is a 1.19 Towny RPG SMP server with a friendly community, different playable races and a whole lot more!

Tired of searching for a stable, reliable, and fun server? Are you looking for a fun and welcoming community? You found it!

SpruceHaven is a Towny RPG Survival server designed to be balanced, with fun and rewarding gameplay! We aim to regularly add and tweak new content to the game such as custom-made dungeons, world bosses, events and more, so you should never find yourself bored or without something to do.

We put the player first 100% of the time, with suggestions actually being listened and player polls regularly. Nothing changes unless YOU want it to.

♦ SpruceHaven Features ♦

Seven distinct playable races to fit your playstyle

Custom Enchants
Custom Pets And Mounts
Custom Mobs
Personal Banks
McMMO 2.0
Jobs Reborn
Player Shops
Weather Seasons
Fishing Tournaments
Quarterly Battle Passes
Hand Made Quests
Chat Reaction
CMI for /warp and /home
Teleports to random locations in the wild for convenent adventuring and exploration
Plus, a whole lot more!
The server just launched. Come and join in on the Fun!


Server IP: play.sprucehaven.pro

♦ Core Rules ♦

- Please keep the chat SFW; gore and porn of any kind will be purged.
- Be respectful to the mods and other members of the server.
- Racist/sexist slurs, chat, and talk of any kind will be purged.
- Don't advertise without permission.
- Don’t be overtly sexual in any of the chats. There are members of this server who are underage. Please respect that.
- Don't Hack. We won't hesitate to ban.
- Don't cheat.
- Don't ask for Admin. You'll be muted.
- Don't use Unfair client-side mods such as x-ray.
- Respect the staff. They're here to help you, but they're not your slaves. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
- Just because you donate to the server, doesn't mean you get special treatment. All the rules still apply to you too.
- No whitelist - Towny protects our player builds, which means YOU don't have to wait to play!

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