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Tags: Economy PvP Roleplay Survival Towny

United Elements SMP is a Minecraft server based on the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise. It currently uses a vanilla world, but plans to replace it with a custom-made world based on the Avatar World, made in Worldpainter. There are quests can be done via different NPCs found in the World, with rewards that differ from in-game money to items or experience points. In the future, the United Elements SMP plan to have events that tell a story and can be influenced by player actions!

Featured Plugins:
- The ProjectKorra plugin allows players to Bend the Elements, such as Earth, Fire, Air and Water, or become a Spirit, allowing for unique battle styles that wouldn't be possible in regular Minecraft.

- The Movecraft plugin has also been included to allow players to traverse the world easier, as well as have interesting battles in the skies and seas.

- Slimefun adds custom items that feel modded, however, it is a grind to get some of the better items. It also enhances storage and sorting systems using wireless nodes!

- Towny allows players to form their own towns and nations. Let's just hope no one forms the Fire Nation and attacks!

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