Azure SMP

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The Azure SMP is a Minecraft server with an active and engaging community. Now that things are in full swing, it is looking to add some new members! This server has a full economy as well as a town region at the center of the map. Some of the main features of the Azure SMP are:

- 💸 Farm Resources: Grow crops, chop trees, mine ores, and hunt mobs to sell them for in-game money at the server market or player-run shops!

- 💰 Create a Store: Rent a plot at the town to build a store, apartment, or other building and sell goods or products to other players!

- 🗺️ See our map: Our server’s overworld is a 10k x 10k region, and we have a website that allows players to view the world, as well as the current location of all players and the claimed lands of nations.

- 🗡️ Join a team: players are free to make their own teams through our plugin. Teams are automatically distinguished with roles in our Discord, and teams can go to war with one another in battles over land, resources, and prestige if they wish.

- 🏛️ Get involved in government: Become server’s town Mayor by winning an election, or back a candidate of your choosing! Term limits are two weeks and the mayor reigns over the main town in the middle of the map.

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